SpinFrog (spinfrog) wrote in hp_nj,

Sat. meetup recap

Tumulty's turned out to be a nice place with variety of inexpensive sandwiches and such. Too bad none of the people actually living in New Brunswick could make it.

We talked a little bit about the books, and various theories:

  • Why did Dumbledore's eyes gleamed with triumph on page 696 of GoF (U.S.) paperback?
  • what if Dumbledore in HBP was really not Dumbledore at all, but a polyjuiced Peter Pettigrew?
  • JKR's horcruxes are a lot like those necklaces in Draco Trilogy

We also talked about other fandoms and shows; knitting; fanfiction and going to the GoF movie.

It was really nice meeting you guys :)
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