Steph (thatjazz) wrote in hp_nj,


Is anyone still here? I was hoping there was still some sort of meetup or something. (My friends aren't too into HP and have been looking for some people to geek out with. lol!)

Anyway, my intro stuff:

Name/Penname: Steph
Hometown/County: Lyndhurst (Bergen County), go to Montclair State in Montclair (what county is that?)
How did you get into HP?: Read the books way back when (Read Sorcerer's Stone in like 99, I think), loved them a lot, and have recently gotten even more into them (as of just previous to the release of OOTP). I got an iPod for Christmas and am hopelessly addicted to Mugglecast.
Favorite fics/authors/OTPs: Not really a big fan of fics. My form of fan expression is mostly in knitting and other forms of crafting.
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