Aleks (rouji) wrote in hp_nj,

Meetup at the end of September?

Hello! How is everyone doing, post-Deathly Hallows?

There's an event happening in The Holiday Inn in Edison, NJ, and nearly the entire hotel would be available to use. Jeff Mach's Labyrinth runs from September 28-29. Why am I posting about this in an NJ Harry Potter meetup community? For a very good reason! Aside from the fact that it is an event created with the intention of melding many genres and ideas together to create something interesting and varied, it looks like it could be a rather good place for a meetup. There will be things to do and explore at every moment, on every floor of the hotel, so strictly socializing with other hp_nj members can happen, but we certainly wouldn't be limited to this. There will be a Rocky Horror puppet show, a Lovecraftian LARP, live music and entertainment, and a showing of the Buffy musical with audience participation, to name a few things.

And there's a nifty little portion of the event that definitely involves Harry Potter: Slash: the RPG. I don't know how many members here are fans of gaming or slash, but this will definitely involve Harry Potter characters.

As far as pricing goes, tickets purchased in advance cost $15, with $5 from that price being returned in the form of a gift certificate good for nearly anything available for purchase there, including food. More information is available at the Labyrinth website, in the second link of this entry.

What do you think, everyone?
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