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Happy Halloween

So, is anyone planning on hitting up the NYC premiere of Goblet of Fire? I fangirled outside the Prisoner premiere last year. It was fun, and I met a load of 14 year old girls who told me how "OMGTOMFELTONISTEHHOT!" repeatedly. I would like to go again and would rather not go alone. The Mugglenet podcast (see below) seems silly, too. Anyone interested?

I work in Manhattan, so am very familiar with subways and other forms of public transportation. If anyone wants to come along, we can meet at Penn Station (New York or Newark), the Port Authority or a PATH station.

From the Leaky Cauldron:

Big news! Due to popular demand, Barnes & Noble has decided to move the live Potter/MuggleCast from our first location at the 66th and Broadway B&N, to a much larger B&N, in Union Square in Manhattan (33 East 17th Street, which is between Broadway and Park Avenue).

The recording will be the evening of November 12 - more specific time to come - right after the domestic premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which will be at the Ziegfeld theater on 54th streets between 7th and 8th Avenues.

If you'd like to let us know you're coming - WHICH DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A SEAT - it's first-come, first-serve, as more than 500 of you have already told us you'll be there! - or offer any assistance, coffee or cookies, please do so at hplive at gmail dot com. Thank you!

By the way, are any of you dressing as HP characters for Halloween?
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