Gummo Bergman's "Silent Strawberries" (marginaliana) wrote in hp_nj,
Gummo Bergman's "Silent Strawberries"

coffee/ice cream in Princeton

Anyone interested in having coffee or ice cream in Princeton this weekend? We can talk about what people have been reading and writing, if anyone's going to Lumos, why Dumbledore is a complete idiot, HP-themed craft stuff (I need some inspiration)...

There are a couple of different places I'd recommend depending on what people want in terms of refreshments.

Anyone interested?
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Deleted comment

Aw, that's too bad! We should definitely do a NJ Lumos meetup in preparation, though. I'd love to get the chance to meet some folks in advance.

A Slytherin banket sounds great. I've been thinking of a WWW hat of some sort.
I'm definitely interested but I won't be free this weekend. Which places do you have in mind?
Too bad! I was thinking of either Small World for coffee or The Bent Spoon for ice cream (or the Halo Pub for ice cream, too, depending on whether people prefer traditional ice cream or upscale schmancy ice cream).

The Bent Spoon has this fabulous european hot chocolate... it's so thick and rich... mmmmmm, okay, I want some now that I've been talking about it. :)
You know, I've wanted some of that hot chocolate since you mentioned it the last time. I used to get this amazing stuff in Berlin...

I'm free this weekend, but I haven't got much HP-ishness to offer. The only craft idea I've got simmering is some crocheted earrings patterned off some I picked up in NY. I've been kind of out of HP things lately. (Except when a new chapter of In Blood Only was posted a few days ago, and I had to dance around the apartment a while before I could read it.) Anyways, you might want to wait until more people are available, I don't know...
Hey, I'm cool with non HP-ishness, too! I just want some social contact. If you want to just have hot chocolate and talk about whatever, that's fine by me. :)
Cool. :) I've got nothing against HP of course, and I'd like to hear about your Lumos plans. :) What time would be good for you?
How about 2ish on Saturday? It now looks like my Sunday will be taken up with acquiring a temporary cat. :D

Do you know where the parking garage is behind the public library? That's probably the best place to park and then I could meet you in front of the library.
Yep, I've parked behind the library before, that sounds good to me. See you at 2pm on Saturday then! :)

*grins at your Clue icon*

*notes that the computers at work have been surprisingly reliable lately, but anticipates several outages over the summer, which should offer some opportunities to use this icon*

*offers cute kittie video*
Possibly for me, since I *might* be spending the weekend at my aunt's in West Windsor, which is 10 min from Princeton. If I do go to NJ, Sunday will be the better day for me.

Don't plan around me though, since I'm a vague maybe at this moment.